This e-book is an inspiration to people and workplaces having realized that it's a good idea to train creativity. In a simple and easily digestible language it describes creativity and what you can obtain from being creative. 

Each chapter gives you:

  • Inspiration in the form of a handpicked video
  • Description of the benefits you obtain from practicing this creative setting
  • Exercises and reflections
  • Clear overview of the creative muscles you exercise 
  • Links to more videos and articles


"I highly recommend this book. It's innovative. It's creative and it's written with such positivity which is exactly what creativity is supposed to radiate." Gitte Ballesheim, actor

"I've read your book and I think it's amazing. Easy to read, good exercises and funny video clips - makes me laugh and train my laughing muscles. I will take the exercises with me to work and try them out. At last a book that tells me how to train my creativity and change my boring non-creative habits." Kristine Andersen, Head of Education PAU, UCC University of Applied Sciences


Facts about the book

E-book, pdf: Creative Fitness - Train your creativity - 88 pages
Authors: Lene Bornemann and Ulla Tønner


DKK 48.50 (including 25% moms)

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